Kenni Witt

Whangarei Sales Specialist

The Great Dane From The North.
Coming from Denmark, Kenni Witt brings his culture to his role in real estate.
Respect, trust and openness are some of the values Kenni will make use of to ensure your expectations are met.


Kenni Witt is a dedicated and results-driven real estate sales consultant, with a passion for helping clients buy and sell properties in the Northland area. Kenni was born and raised in Denmark, he embarked on a journey to explore the world in 2017. During his travels, he crossed paths with a Kiwi girl, and they have since settled down and started a family in this beautiful part of the world.

Before entering the real estate industry, Kenni honed his skills as a restaurant manager, working for over 8 years in the hospitality sector. His time spent managing and working in restaurants across various countries equipped him with exceptional client service skills and an acute eye for detail, even in stressful situations. Kenni's background in hospitality has instilled in him the importance of providing excellent service and going the extra mile for his clients.

Choosing Northland as his home, Kenni demonstrates a proactive and engaged approach in exploring the local real estate market. With an interest for the region, he leaves no stone unturned in his quest to optimize what Northland has to offer, both to its current residents and those looking to call it home.

If you're seeking a real estate sales consultant with a global perspective, unwavering dedication to client service, and a genuine passion. Look no further than Kenni Witt.

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